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Mercury optimax starts then dies

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Mercury optimax starts then dies

mercury optimax starts then dies I check and there 39 s plenty of oil in the tank. Boats and planes are unique in that any sort of fuel leak is usually retained inside the vehicle or the hull in the case of boats. 00 Mar 18 2015 1990 85 hp mercury outboard lower end installation 1991 evinrude 85 hp outboard won t stay running 1992 mercury 85 hp manual Mar 25 2011 2006 25HP Mercury Outboard EFI 4 stroke 2006 25HP Mercury Outboard EFI 4 stroke motor was cutting aalope2001 Dec 9 2018 in forum Outboards Replies A Mercury marine outboard repair manual provides highly detailed repair information. I currently run a 3 blade Tempest with a 22 pitch. net including 300hp motors at the lowest prices guaranteed. Cannot idle it up When it does crank. Second of third try it might try to crank. Now using a digital voltmeter or an ohmmeter we can check for continuity on the plug. The interesting thing is that if I interrupt the electrical ignition circuit unhook the spark plug or wiring to the plug on cylinder 2 the motor idles just fine. While outboards have become more and more complex they still operate on much the same principles as they did before the current wave of EFI DFI and four stroke technology. It will smoke white for a while but that will not hurt anything. You have to consider the operators I guess only one of the four or five officers who run it has a clue but the overall reputation is bad. They make high quality high performance one and two stroke engines. They spent more than their share of time in the shop trying to chase down various problems. when out on the river and i turn off the boat it can also take ages for it to start you i could be there for about 10 mins trying to start it. It seems to be some kind of eletrical problem ECU . I can 39 t get the motor over 4250 RPM 39 s. 5l Sst 225x 300x 3. SmartCraft Sport Jet Engine Runs Erratically. Mercury optimax 115 2007 Help starts 1 2 secs then cuts off 1975 merc 1150 how to jump start mercury optimax 90hp system We had nothing but problems with our 225 Optimax s . After running the Merc for a few miles yesterday on Lake Erie perch limits without any problem at full throttle I anchored to perch fish for 4 or hours Need help. Friday morning I drained the carb bowls sprayed the POWER UP into the bowl bottoms and took her out. Jun 01 2009 The issues I had was the oil pressure sensor and it would work and then not work in the motor. I throttled down to neutral pushed in the button on the throttle and gave it some gas in neutral. Dies the second it s pulled back to neutral. 3 out of 5 stars 565 Aug 12 2012 It usually starts up fine then after riding for a while the motor stalls and will only give out about 2200 RPMs. Mercury outboard bogs on acceleration Aug 21 2015 I am running at Triton 19 3 with a 225 Mercury Optimax. My bass boat has a 08 mercury optimax 200. 00 We had nothing but problems with our 225 Optimax s . This ensures that the spark is hot enough to fire a cold start air fuel mixture. I keep getting info from fellow boaters that I 39 ve got the wrong prop. Optimax starts then dies Under load it will run for a couple of minutes then dies. Step by step troubleshooting guide that will help isolate the problem so that you may be able to solve it with minimal tools and time. low fuel pump pressure or a flooded carburetor can cause it not to start up. The start and run modes. 2001 2002 Mercury 200hp OptiMax Jet Drive Repair Manual 2001 2005 Mercury Mariner 2. my motor cuts off right after I put it in gear. Ohming out the plugs are fairly simple. The Marine Mechanic I 39 m going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Sep 16 2014 I then took the boat out and she was able to hit 3400 rpms with less surging and if I hit the enrichner she took off and got up to 5000. It will start right away and idle when I first put it in the water every time . We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. the sale occurred and then only after the Mercury Marine attached to the boat can cause serious injury or death to. No mechanic can figure this out I have had water pump throttle position sensor crank shaft sensor and spark plugs replaced. Aug 21 2015 I am running at Triton 19 3 with a 225 Mercury Optimax. First time out I could not keep it idling. Currently running a balanced and blueprinted 25p Tempest at about 2. I primed the bubble then it ran and then died again then primed again. Won t start or run any other way. Tonight when we put it in the water it took a second to start then ran fine for a whole 15 minutes then died after we hit a wake and barely started a to get us back to shore When we were trying to start it it wouldn 39 t turn over at all then it would run for a few minutes and die again. Also low engine use tends to dry out the Diaphrams. My mercury service centre has a huge amount of good to say about the The motor restarted and died then restarted run a little more then died restarted and run home 4000 rpm no problem. As if it isn t getting any gas. s. 5hp to 275hp Repair Manual 2002 2005 Mercury 30 40 EFI Repair Manual 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke View and Download Mercury 125 operation and maintenance manual online. 9. mercury optimax fuel pump eBay. Took it to the dealer that following monday and they said I had blown the powerhead. rar A Mercury SmartCraft System instrument package can be purchased for this outboard. Engine starts idles high and then dies Jun 18 2012 What you describe in your original post is pretty much what my boat did. I have a 2009 Opti 200HP. The British had been deeply impressed by the performance of German eight wheel armored cars so now they asked the Americans to produce an Allied version. 27th 2018 Failing lp fuelpump from a Mercury Optimax 200 Engine stalls because of this 39 12volts To The Pump See If It Works Then Chase The Problem 39 39 MERCURY a 2002 optimax 225 that left us dead in the water last week and will not start 39 . This means that evaporating fuel can reach an explosive mixture with the surrounding air inside an enclosed space. Deeper R amp D capabilities. I asked for a refund at this point but apparently Mercury don 39 t back their products 100 so they won 39 t give me a refund. So I changed plugs and fuel filter and he said he never seen on have fuel pressure just a little low it 39 s usually way low and said since it was running fine don 39 t worry about it. Shop for Mercury outboard motors for sale at Boats. Oct 21 2020 The engine dies in the middle of a big lake and I 39 m stranded. After a Mercury says up to 10 Ethanol is acceptable and its been working fine. Everything was going great and then it just stopped. 4 GSI DP Volvo Penta 454 engine 1998 27 foot Doral well last week I idled out of the bay which it ran just fine for about five miles then I pulled back to do a little trolling after an hour I decided to pick it up and move to another spot and noticed that I couldn t get on plan or accelerate over 2. Superior paints. This tank does not automatically refill when you top off the remote tank. 0l Efi Promax. If this engine is a VORTEC then you may have a problem with the internal fuel system. Probably 3 4 starts out of 10 were giving me issues and it progressively got worse until they cleaned out the fuel line and replace a pump then it started up fine for a little while and went downhill again. Note WOT wide open throttle measurements are made with a tuned engine a clean boat hull loaded with an average boat load and the propeller clean and undamaged. I 39 ve did the break in as close as I can to Mercury specs. but every now amp then just cranks over amp wont start . By the last run of the year I was back to 3 4 starts out of 10 being difficult. weight 412 lbs. Started easily every time averaged about 4 5mpg running mostly 3500 4200rpm. Suddenly started losing power . Once you re convinced it won t go any farther pull the line out and start the engine up. Atleast 4 or 5 times of getting trip cut short and idle speed all the way back to the boat ramp due to an heat alarm. Sep 09 2008 My 97 98 Mercury 40hp outboard won 39 t start after it has warmed up. Jun 14 2010 Mercury Mariner Standard Outboard Wiring Color Code Color Where Used Function Black All Ground Brown Reference Electrode MerCathode System Orange Anode Electrode MerCathode System Lt. 1200 1500 rpm. Does this engine need dc power while running Battery went down fast while trying to get motor running was charged but may be going bad . 3 out of 5 stars 565 Mercury outboard 3 beeps Mercury outboard 3 beeps Mercury outboard bogs on acceleration. serial number 0t282142. I bought a new to me used boat in february of this year. Oct 20 2020 Outboard Boat Motor Repair. This system consists of two major components the 12 volt electric Motor with a reservoir and the Hydraulic Pump or Valve Body. As was mentioned earlier will the engine start up and stay running if the throttle only button is pushed in and the throttle lever advanced. Northwest Illinois. Mercury Mariner Outboard Powerhead 75 Hp 1994 2005 Optimax two stroke outboards Remove the prop attach flush muffs so that the rubber cups fit tightly over the water intakes then adjust water flow so that some water leaks out around the cups. . We tried to start it and it idles but as soon as we put it into gear it cut out so we got towed back to shore. We would have it no other way. issue outboard motor 75hp mercury tracker 3 cylinder runs well for several mins at full throttle then dies loses power. We took it out of the water and it wouldn 39 t start at all. If you re a Boater with a capital B the kind who likes to rev the engine and feel like a captain of the water then Mercury Optimax is probably best for you. new gear oil. It 39 s a 98 model. Fuel Pump For Mercury Outboard 200xs Dfi 2. Aug 09 2020 So tested fuel pump connection this morning and yes no power. Better alloys. Problems With 2009 Mercury Optimax 115 Hp Theme I have a 2004 Merc. A new sensor was installed and now the diagnostic device shows no more errors. 9 HP Won t Start or Stalls After Starting November 22 2016 Repair Manual Do It Yourself Outboard Repair Guides 5 There can be many reasons why a 9. It was a quick fix once mercury sent them the right part at least have a new motor on hand that they could get one off of and then replace. Jun 19 2009 I have a 7. Additionally it is the same diaphram used for the fuel diaphram on the Optimax 2. I need some help diagnosing my boats problem. 9 4 stroke kicker became difficult to start and impossible to keep running at low to medium idle speed. It is running on the old vacuum system whereby you pump the bulb and then the vacuum created by the engine pulls the gas from the tanks. It starts great and idle 39 s fine but right after it goes in gear it cuts off. Mercury Optimax vs. Hi I have a 2016 Triton 216 with a 300 Mercury Pro Verado and a 9. Mercury Optimax DFI or Quicksilver DFI 2 Cycle Engine Oil is recommended for It appears that the engine starts to lose water pressure between 3000 and 4000 cove to fish I slow the boat down and I hear 4 warning beeps then it stops. I worked at a marina on a lake for a number of years and learned a lot. After the mix runs out let the engine sit for a couple hours and hook the fuel lines back up and start the engine and run it until it warms up and give the engine some quick throttle snaps to blow out any carbon. I hooked it up wrong and blew the main fuse. Listen for the low pressure pump to run. Jun 30 2011 Was fishing a Wed night tourney made my first run no problem then made a short 500 yd run. Slowed down and when trying to get back on plane it was acting as if it was running out of fuel not really a miss more like the engine was shutting off and on. Is there a wiring diagram for Mercury Optimax 200 250 engines that you guys can share Is there a main fuse box or something like cars on 8M0122423 Fuel Filter Element Replacement for Mercury 75 80 115 150 200 250 HP Optimax Verado ProXs Marine Outboards Mercruiser Stern Drive Engines Replaces Sierra 18 7981 35 8M0060041 35 884380T 4. It turns over and over. The rubber hub bushing also serves as a quot breakaway quot should you strike something allowing the prop to spin and so protecting drive train components like gears. The only way top keep it running after some starting fluid was at full fast idle in neutral. And then some. Mechanic 39 s Assistant Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. The biggest problem is that at every engine start the app starts from scratch. The code definitions are a good starting point when determining the cause of the service engine light but where do you go from there We have a large number of resources to help you repair the problem. new plugs Mercury 3L 4 Stroke Verado Moderator EuropeanAM 39 s Avatar nbsp I have a 04 39 Mercury OptiMax 150 hp that i bought used about a have is that it just won 39 t idle when i start it up it starts up right away then dies. If you are having or had fuel issues with your Optimax you probably have read about the fuel regulator and how it is not serviceable and Mercury would have you order a new port fuel rail for somewhere between 1200 1600. If your outboard is set up like this and you ran low in the remote tank the outboard would then begin pulling from the reserve tank. Hook back to tank from boat and does the same thing again. Even had Mercury Engineers down to look at them with no real improvement in running or Rule of thumb Open needle valve 1 1 2 turns and start the engine let it warm up then slowly rotate needle valve clockwise until engine wants to stall then rotate needle valve counterclockwise The diagnostic device from Mercury indicated lack of fuel and throttle sensor as errors. Torturous testing in the toughest body of salt water in the world. 75 R Xxl 30 859399t15. please help t Jul 03 2008 Have a similar issue over the weekend with a 200hp EFI. Then last time it will crank but it aint pretty. Also for 90 75 115. A column with no settings can be used as a spacer. Any discussion on fuel systems should start with stressing the safety aspects of onboard fuel systems. 300 hours 75 mercury Optimax comes with remote steering and big tiller arm 4 blade spit fire prop and spare 6000 obo. The rubber inner bushing inside an outboard propeller hub is designed to absorb the shock created by shifting. I have had 2 i o timimg but then why not just have a 4 stroke amp run the correct mixture amp spark timing like a have the throttle stops designed so even when notionally fully max cyl pressure occurs just as the piston starts back down the bore but with 9 May 2017 Then with the engine hood off hqve a helper turn the key from off to on do not try to start the engine. Mar 11 2013 I thought I would provide an update. It is a 2004 VLX. pdf Download Mercury 200 225 250 275 300HP Verado 4 stroke Operation and maintenance manual RAR RUS 8. We have twin Merc Optimax 225hp 2002. Still couldn 39 t get more than 4300 rpms and was using alot of oil. Nov 21 2017 Optimax 150 rough idle Guy tells me I need plugs and my fuel pressure was 11 lbs low. I have ran a 25p Fury in the past at 3 below pad at 5600 but 65mph. Last year at the end of the season the boat started running bad after running it for about 30 min. Starving for fuel. Then he pulled a plug and you could see they needed to be replaced. I have changed the spark plugs and fuel filter. 0L Model Engines 200 300 HP . It runs really rough at idle. you will never know if the motor has a problem unless you put it on the water and throttle up in gear Talked to Mercury Mech yesterday 13119 and told that mostly likely carbs 300 to 500 all 3 carb rebuilt if that is the case 3 12 hours job 115 per hour. Only three gears are available on this outboard motor forward neutral and reverse. Mercury optimax 115 problems The Electric Hydraulic power Trim and Tilt System is more common. It contains inspection testing removal disassembly cleaning assembly and instillation procedures. 5 liters. then will start after a few goes. Mercury Outboard Starts Then Stalls Apr 12 2017 Mercury Marine is an international motor boat company based in Lake Forest Illinois providing motors for private commercial and government craft. Had plenty of power to get up powerful rapids with minimal cavitation. The engine starts only with hand throttle and dies off when closing the lever. Engine cranks starts and stalls. It it hard to start after shutting off and cranks similar to trying to crank it with the kill switch off. It will do this one to three times t hen it does ok the rest of the day . 225 Mercury optimax surges from 4500 rpm to 5000rpm and back won 39 t reach 5600. When I got home with the muff 39 s on I tried it again and it worked fine. A yearly carburetor cleaning and adjustment prior to the start of the season are the best way to prevent the development of stalling problems caused by carburetors. New Oem. It cut out on me a few times in mid run but after it cut out it would not start for ages. Mercury optimax 115 problems Mercury optimax 115 problems Mercury has always been on the forefront of corrosion protection. Pictures diagrams and illustrations are scattered throughout the digital book to help the mechanic fix the boat motor correctly. Participant. 0k rpms. Some surging at idle. 115 MER OPTIMAX SCAN PROGRAM FOR COMP 150 merc optimax oil light pro xs engine symbol and1 short beep mercury optimax 200 xs 2015 six beeps mercury 175 pro xs wont start. A few of the functions the instrument package will display are engine RPM coolant temperature battery voltage fuel consumption and engine operating hours. That s not to say that one is never better than the other. Dealer said bad gas dumped gas put in new emptyed issue outboard motor 75hp mercury tracker 3 cylinder 2 cycle cranks run well for several minutes at full throttle then dies or sometimes idles if i pull back the throttle when i hear the engine losing power . Rough running. Starting problems Each time I start it is is acts like it is starving for fuel. 5 below pad at 5650 at 67mph. then new line to fuel pump. To confirm turn the ignition key to on before revving the engine and see that the electrical system is online. It has a Mercury 2. New Starter Mercury Marine Outboard Engine 300x Xs Promax Racing 2005 11 W 300. But when in the water it stalls in gear with full throttle. K for a few runs then back to it 39 s old tricks. The owner had to replace the impeller so that is brand new. I followed the break in period exactly as Mercury suggests. The revs instead of dropping back to the usual 500 rpm actually pick up to around 2000 rpm or more. See more ideas about Mercury outboard Outboard Mercury. This device then reduces the voltage to secondary ignition. It won 39 t hurt to call and see if they can help good luck 1 888 427 5373 SOURCE I Have a 2002 blazer that starts but motor dies surges when accelerating. Oct 20 2020 Mercury outboard rough idle Jun 29 2014 Start the engine and let the mix run completely out at about 1200 rpm. We nixed the plans to head to Catalina that day while I investigated what was up with the motor. Any Tohatsu agent. 135 optimax dies before 1000 rpms 2006 mercury optimax 90 alarm codes mercruiser DTS problems 2002 optimax air injector mercury v6 oil alarm test solid alarm on a merc 2stroke Jun 12 2020 I have a fuel issue on my center console. My son ran it and bagged alarm went nbsp 20 Jul 2020 MORE BOATS amp OUTBOARDS EPISODES ON THE CHANNEL Mercury Outboard Runs Then Dies PART 2 Finding The Other Fuel Filter nbsp The engine runs fine until it picks up the separated ethanol then stalls. Even had Mercury Engineers down to look at them with no real improvement in running or My 2008 Mercury Optimax 90 won 39 t go above 3000 rpms and stalls occasionally at idle. Any suggestions on what this could be If own a 4 stroke Merc and look around the internet it wont take long to find someone with fuel delivery problems. Mercury Outboard Starts Then Stalls I 39 ve got a 150 HP Mercury Optimax and on a trip a few months back the alarm was going off constant high pitched beep . Stalls intermittently. Now 2068 cc. Floated for 10 mins then started up and ran great back to the dock. 3 Feb 2006 I 39 ve got a 150 HP Mercury Optimax and on a trip a few months back the Fish or Die I was told to level and steady the engine and fill the oil tank on the engine until it slightly starts to overflow the tank then tighten the cap. 5hp to 275hp Repair Manual 2002 2005 Mercury 30 40 EFI Repair Manual 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke Sep 11 2013 2007 Yamaha outboard 4 stroke will not idle and engine dies. Yes you My 2007 Mercury by Tohatsu 9. Cut open the old nbsp ucts or like or similar products manufactured and marketed by Mercury Marine Slide the shift cable retainer forward until resistance is felt then slide cable anchor male and female harness connec tors. I am looking at buying a Bravo 1 LT but not sure of what pitch to go with. Re Mercury optimax shuts down periodically Hello from Finland. 8M0122423 Fuel Filter Element Replacement for Mercury 75 80 115 150 200 250 HP Optimax Verado ProXs Marine Outboards Mercruiser Stern Drive Engines Replaces Sierra 18 7981 35 8M0060041 35 884380T 4. 5 to 350 horsepower for more than 75 years though the company 39 s first motors did not have as much horsepower as some of its current motors. power tilt trim. Mercury 9. Revs up on start up On the Stbd fuel rail remove your Tracker valve and inspect it. I would just call mercury I have a 2005 optimax I had some problems with they told me everything to check out over the phone. Under the top plenum there is a fuel reg and poppet valves that inject fuel into the cylinders. 2. Follow us. does anyone know what could be causing this. Mercury Marine based in Wisconsin has been making Mercury outboard motors in two and four stroke versions ranging from 2. Was going O. idle reves up really high on starting or shifting from gear to neutral then drops to low idle and stumbles o Jun 19 2009 First of all I would like to say hello to everyone I am new to the site. could be several things Check fuel pressure and flow if flow is low replace fuel filter if pressure is low check fuel regulator if ok replace fuel pump. My 1999 Mercury 150 HP OptiMax engine starts and idles great but when I give it some throttle the OptiMax cuts out and dies. I love the howl of a WOT 2 stroke as much as the next guy. Mercury outboards are one of the most popular outboards on the water. On the port fuel rail remove your fuel regulator and inspect it. Aug 06 2012 I have a 115 mercury. After shut down it allways starts well. 2000 2001 Manual Covers Mercury OptiMax Outboard motors 2000 2001 115hp 115 hp 135hp 135 hp 150hp 150 hp 175hp 175 hp DFI Direct Fuel Injection outboard motor. 425. 1983 mercury 35 hp Not rated yet I have 1983 mercury outboard 35hp in idle speed will push the boat but as soon i put it in full throttle it just rev up the motor and would not pushes 2002 50 hp mercury runs slow but dies when trying to accelarate Not rated yet have a 2002 50 hp mercury outboard. Now they got the second Optimax government is comprised of slow learners and they put the first Optimax on the old boat and got rid of the old V 4 why I don 39 t know. Click to order. Once the engine starts and the ignition switch moves to the run position. Oct 17 2014 Explore James O 39 s board quot Mercury outboard quot on Pinterest. g. 850276a4 Mercury . Any suggestions on what this could be During the 1980s many rubber components for use in fuel systems were developed to withstand exposure to fuels containing ethanol. The Mercury 50 hp outboard is capable of producing 5 500 to 6 000 rpm. Has anybody this problem THANK YOU RICK Tohsgib posted 06 15 2007 11 04 PM ET US Nov 02 2011 1994 Mercury O 150 hp EFI Optimax. It won 39 t hurt to call and see if they can help good luck 1 888 427 5373 The OPTIMAX is the most MIS DIAGNOSED engine out there. Any idea what 39 s wrong Here 39 s some details below. They did call Mercury and they told them to replace the part and that did it. engine starts fine idles fine. In fact there are some general conclusions to be made. Like all mechanical equipment Mercury motors can exhibit issues ignition problems being some of the most worrisome. Green White Stripe Trim DOWN Switch 2 days ago Clean used 2001 mercury 200 hp v6 efi 2 stroke 20 quot long shaft outboard motor. Sep 08 2020 This diaphram fits both the air and fuel regulator on all of the Optimax 3. put it in gear advance throttle to approx. September 20 2011 at 8 34 pm 1238635. But has fresh gas fuel filter fuel pump and good fuel prime. But dies off at full throttle. As if it isn 39 t getting nbsp Hi I have a problem with my mercury OPTIMAX 200 engine year 2006. Check the voltage on the red and white Ignition wires at the CD Unit. 9 horsepower Mercury outboard will not activate e. 24 May 2014 Mercury optimax 90hp starts but runs rough at idle speed and sometimes stalls. Then I was idling back into the harbor and it died amp wouldn 39 t start. Link to your collections sales and even external links Lower Unit Mercury Outboard Carter Fuel Pumps Catalog Helicoil Repair Kit 2002 Bayliner Capri Mercury 650 Outboard 1974 50 Engine Starts Then Dies Ford 302 Engine Firing Order 2005 Johnson 115 2 Stroke Stainless Steel Versus Aluminum 12v71 Detroit Diesel Specs Happens If Exhaust Manifold Is Cracked Does A Freeze Plug Do Automotive Page 16 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. If I slam the throttle down it will hesatate and then start to go. Oakley Marine aka Outboards Direct in Brighton are nbsp de mercury sport Jet aandrijving is uitgerust met een 200 pk V6 direct ingespoten dFi optimax motor die start zodra u de sleutel omdraait geen rook produceert nbsp Service Bulletin Marine Parts Express. It starts and idles great and I can give it some throttle but at a certain rpm it just dies i tried choking it while it dies and it still dies and i tried different throttle positions but it still dies and doesn 39 t try at all to keep running. The following morning will be hard to start again but the same thing happens it will start first time ever time the rest of the day. 5L XRi EFI 200 hp 1992 model that does not have an electric fuel pump. Evinrude is all about preference. To start and run an outboard needs Dec 03 2010 I have a 2008 90hp optimax. Put on 75 hours. The port motor is idling rough. 9 HP Won 39 t Start or Stalls After Starting November 22 2016 Repair Manual Do It Yourself They deliver between 75 and 400 amperes for 5 15 seconds and then are recharged in nbsp automatic spark advance for sure starts and longer plug life. See the websites to find a dealer near you. It has twin saddle tanks running to a tank selector valve. Problem gets worse over time after cold start. This is the latest version from Mercury and they are identifiable by their purple color. If it is the original Tracker valve it is probably on its way out anyways. Unless I slow down it will keep beeping. New listings 1970 16 39 starcraft boat with 1975 mercury 850 thunderbolt 1 500 Tracy 2017 Sun Tracker Fishing Barge 22 DLX Pontoon Boat w Mercury 150HP 4 S 38 995 Arlington 26 Aug 2017 How can they tell you everything is within spec if the engine dies after cranking and initial start On an Optimax the direct injectors air injectors all nbsp When starting first time of the day it starts right up b ut it will die after 15 a few seconds Then turn the key off and back on to repressurize the No wonder Mercury recommends such a large starting battery for the OptiMax. etc. The shop I used was B amp B sports in Hutchinson and they were very good to work with. 3 1. Stalling. It starts for 2 seconds and then shuts off after trying for 3 or 4 times and using the throttle w out engaging gears it finally runs as shown in the video May 09 2017 2006 mercury optimax 150 starts and idles fine but when accelerating it bogs down like its not geting fuel back throttle off and run fine. Seems to obviously be a fuel issue. pump the fuel line bulb until it fills with gas. I have a 04 39 Mercury OptiMax 150 hp that i bought used about a month ago. electric start. I have a mariner 55hp on Sunday I took it out and towed a doughnut behind for a few hours. 3 MB . New Oem Mercury V6 Outboard Lower Unit 3. The pickup on the tank is clear also. 115 120 psi compression on all 6 cylinders. I ordered the part and fixed it myself saved a lot of money. Mercury Optimax 75 90 115 Complete Reman Long Block With 1 Yr Warranty. After riding all day switched tanks and within a few minutes it would only run in safe mode. Intake Manifold Leak Because outboard engines tend to sit over the winter time holes in the intake manifold gasket can occur. My initial guess is that its either low oil or a bubble in the line. wire paper clip on the connector start the motor and if the engine does not alarm then there 39 s your problem. Elke recreatief gebruikte Mercury OptiMax en Verado buitenboordmotor wordt als die eerste boottocht van het seizoen tenzij de motor niet start vanwege nbsp 18 Jun 2011 Any Mercury mariner agent. 5L Model Engines 135 175 HP . Clean up the tips of the plugs and then spray them off with air or a contact cleaner. It runs but it sounds really rough and occassionally dies. I thought the mercury optimax engines were supposed to be good. The motor 39 s gear ratio is 2. After putting a new fuse in the lights all turn on the fuel pump cycles the bike starts and promptly dies 2 seconds later. 240 EFI Mercury engine keeps cutting out and hard to start Hi im gaving problems with my 2000 seadoo challenger. 1998 mercury 115hp dies in water. Most often fouled spark plugs are noticed when the engine starts fine runs fine for a while but then bogs down starts to lose RPM and dies. Find Mercury Boat in Boats For Sale. It works perfectly but it shut down suddenly. They replaced it and now all is fine. kicks over amp runs good . BUT when I go to restart the motor after I have been sitting in a fishing spot it won 39 t start. 2005 mercury optimax 115 HP turns over but will not start. Purchaser in that case shall pay for all related transportation charges and or travel time. 125 outboard motor pdf manual download. Runs fine at 3 4 speed. I 39 m running this on a 2011 Tracker V18 WT and the prop is 14 1 2 x 19p that Tracker rigged the boat with. They finally pulled it out and tested it and it worked. When it starts it revs high and dies. Have a 75 yammi 2 stroke 2002. Just curious how many other owners have problems with their mercury outboards I have had to replace the impellor sometimes twice every year since I got the motor. Any suggestions. Jul 31 2013 I have a 225 Optimax 2001 model that has been giving me a little trouble lately. Mercury produces an extensive line of outboard motors. I have a 1999 150 OptiMax. Put the boat in neutral and then shift to a different gear position. They have good customer service this is my first mercury. They are dependable powerful and relatively quiet. At the lowest idle it dies down and sometimes shuts off. Then one day I was cruising down the lake and rpms dropped to around 4300. I have been told the cause of the non start might be the spark ignition coils or trouble with the drive belt. In response to the recent article on a non starting car I thought I d write up something on boats because darling it s better down where it s wetter just ask Disney. Starting Model Year 2000 amp Starting Serial Number OG960500 amp above. I never nbsp I get no warning buzzer but then again just found out my buzzer doesn 39 t work. You are looking to Stills runs rough and stalls. This type of system is used on Johnson and Evinrude Outboards Mercruiser Stern Drives Mercury Outboards and Volvo Penta Stern Drives. Engaging the gear is not possible. Then when to leave and motor would not get over 2300 rp 2008 Mercury OptiMax 250 Pro XS Issue Bass Cat Boats I have a 2005 Mercury Optimax. What i have to do is put it on high idle when i start it every time or it just dies. If it sits overnight or 20 minutes this is what happens. The mechanic came out and it started of course . I brought to idle then back up. Below you will find the most complete list of Mercury trouble codes available. Engine RPM Chart for Proper Boat Propeller Sizing. Seal Kit. 9HP 9. The Mercury Optimax Sport Jet performed flawlessly this summer at our Canada Cabin. Welcome to the Mercury Check Engine Light codes page. Compressor problem. Optimax 90 HP. Engine starts idles high and then dies Mercury Promax Yellow Retro Xs Power Edition For Alien Cowl 6 Piece Vinyl Decals. She was then able to hit 4000 rpms and stay there with a slight hesitation. 0l Efi optimax 1. Symtoms caused by leaking REGULATOR DIAPHRAMS point to Bad Injectors Bad Fuel Pumps Leaking VST Air in Fuel Lines Bad Gas Bad TPS Rubber Regulator Diaphrams dry and crack because of today 39 s fuel content. You can not buy one from Mercury EPA Mandate . Add description images menus and links to your mega menu. Our own test tank. They were 2001 models. model number 200l efi. If I push the throttle past 4000 RPM it has a high pitched steady beeping noise. To 1200 RPM. Thinning through your post I 39 d recommend you start with the OBVIOUS item FIRST Dual Mercury Master Technician for Mercury Outboards Mercruiser and nbsp 6 Jun 2018 But if you start it and immediately put in gear it well die. 5 hp mercury outboard cold start problems mercury force 165 hp outboard motor manual yamaha 70 hp tlr power trim 1989 idle air control screws carb 1981 mercruiser 470 headgasket replace 1972 yamaha 15hp 2stroke 3cylinder manual 1985 evenrude will not crank. If both switches do the same then I 39 d start looking for a bad ground or corrosion I haven 39 t had my boat in the water yet it 39 s a 2007 90hp 4 stroke mercury. at one point i couldnt actually get the boat Jun 30 2011 Was fishing a Wed night tourney made my first run no problem then made a short 500 yd run. 1999 MERCURY DFI OPTIMAX 150HP V6 25 quot shaft Runs Good Original Paint Good Compression But then he list the compression as 118 to 120 on all cylinders. Hey All 2003 Utopia 205 Optimax 250 ran great for 40 mins tubing and skiing. Start the engine and run at idle speed in neutral for three to five minutes. There are a couple places that will service your fuel rail for prices Jul 12 2016 hard to start sometimes other times started with touch of key. I will start at the beginning. As you twirl try to work it farther in. issue nbsp I have a 2008 115 optimax about 30 hrs on clock. Last summer I bought a new battery and didn 39 t notice the new one had opposite terminals than the old one. There 39 s a few things you need to know before they 39 ll turn over. Starts idles shift runs perfect with a hose. It also runs very strong after it is first started. Re One last problem with my Mercury 90hp 4 cycle EFI outboard. Earning a Mercury Premier Service rating means a dealer Achieves a high 12 month service Customer Satisfaction Index CSI score for warranty service. Mercury optimax 115 problems Sweepstakes. drop back to idle and after about a minute it dies. Oct 19 2020 It 39 s an 39 07 model. I could shut the boat off and let it sit for 5 min and it would Jun 13 2017 Optimax to be discontinued General Discussion. May 05 2010 why does my Mercury Optimax 200 cool down in neutral then seem to heat up at speed The over heat alarm came on and I noticed there was very little watrer comming through the motor. I have 2 8 PP Blades and 3 batteries. I bought an Ultra 21 LX open bow last year. If this occurs a number of times after the spark plugs have been replaced the engine is flooding with gasoline. 5 3. from the previous 1732 the new unit saves weight not only on the predecessor but also on the Optimax 2 stroke 1. Jul 22 2012 I am having some issues with my Mercury motor. Several times when I go to put it in gear it will die and it will take a few times before I can actually take off. I can reach 6300 rpms but the prop starts to slip shortly after 6150. It is a 1996 alumacraft trophy with a 1996 Mercury 125 2 stroke motor. There are no ECM codes being sent and the motor is not Nov 10 2014 I have the 2002 i think Mercury Optimax 135hp the problem is when i put the boat into gear there is no issue i can raise the revs and speed also with no problem its when i back off to neutral. tanks to new blub. Fuel line looks ok but I didn t cut into it First check that the boat battery is connected. DON 39 T BUY A Optimax two stroke outboards Remove the prop attach flush muffs so that the rubber cups fit tightly over the water intakes then adjust water flow so that some water leaks out around the cups. 2001 25 39 Crest with HPT option and 2008 Mercury 200 HP Optimax 4 Sep 2012 MotorGuide OptiMax Quicksilver SeaCore Skyhook . Fantastic when released from the 39 start 39 position on the key switch to the 39 run 39 position At any rate flip the kill toggle switch all the way down and then flip it all the way up. On tues. flushed motor other day stopped it amp tried to start straight away amp took a few goes to kick over then runs happydays Outboard Spares Response HI I 39 m assuming this is a 3 cylinder model. When starting first time of the day it starts right up b ut it will die after 15 secounds or so t hen it will start right back up . Blue White Stripe Trim UP Switch Lt. Mercury 200 OptiMax Jet Drive Service Manual since 2001 PDF ENG 16. 823434R97 4755. Now for the fix I pulled the carburetor and took apart for Sep 09 2008 My 97 98 Mercury 40hp outboard won 39 t start after it has warmed up. I was am a victim too. Then we can hook up to a portable tank and boat run fine at WOT. Nothing on the water today is faster or more proven than the OptiMax Pro XS. It has a new spark plug and oil. 850276a4 Mercury Mariner 1998 1999 Port Cylinder Head 200 225 Hp Dfi Refurbished. Phantom alarms. last year when ever got over 3500rpm it would alarm and derate costme a fourtune in trying first impellar then clean out and check water jacket ect ect ect ended up looking at new motors but after talking to the marine mech he said it could be the sensor but had never had one fail yet i was ready to buy a new motor so told him to change it any way and it What To Do If Your Outboard Won 39 t Start. Started cutting out like bad fuel would start for a few seconds then die. Suddenly your outboard dies. Then twirl the line between two fingers. During the start mode this component allows full battery voltage to the secondary ignition system. However they don 39 t always fire right up when you try to start them. new fuel filter. 2 Jun 2019 The Boating Forum 2011 Mercury Optimax 150 start for few seconds then dies. 9 mercury kicker. New Alternator Mercury Marine Outboard Optimax 250xxl efi 300x Xs Promax Racing. Here recently when I start it it idles rough and shakes. I had bought the tool in order to keep track of fuel consumption as the tank gauge is Mercury outboard wont stay running. Not a single issue with clogged intake from weeds. The Air Stbd Mercury 2. Il potenziale esiste ma Mercury deve lavorare e molto Installation simple Activation simple It gives some information but the app cannot compare to real instrumentation. Mercury Power Tune or Evinrude Engine Tuner are great products when you don t have a parts washer. Step by step troubleshooting will help you pinpoint problems. john tucker. On some Mercury outboards there is a remote oil tank that is in the boat and a reserve oil tank that is under the cowl of the outboard. My Mercury 150 xr6 is really hard to start but once it does it starts easy through out the day. Optimax Won t Start. Mercury engines have gone through it all. Mercury 15hp ego 2020 Not rated yet Starts right run for a few minutes then dies may start back up and dies. Let her sit overnight started right up took a 30 min ride around the I 39 ve got a 150 HP Mercury Optimax and on a trip a few months back the alarm was going off constant high pitched beep . So headed to the ramp but only made it about a mile before it got so bad I could only idol all the way back. By John Tiger Photos By Mark Corke. After launch and idling Starts right run for a few minutes then dies may start back up and dies. The problem i have is that it just won 39 t idle when i start it up it starts up right away then dies. rebuilt low pressure fuel pump . Will start run about 5 10 seconds then dies. Thanks for any help Clay Jul 23 2018 My 2003 2 stroke 150 merc runs fine at 1 2 throttle but dies out at full throttle after about 3 mins. If you have a two stroke outboard motor you must add oil to the fuel to Jul 29 2020 Choose the largest diameter line which fits into the tiny tell tale hole and thread it as far in as possible. 2006 mercury optimax 225. But regardless of the technology used the 2 stroke will be gone in the not too far future. I really think there is more in this boat. Mar 25 2011 2006 25HP Mercury Outboard EFI 4 stroke 2006 25HP Mercury Outboard EFI 4 stroke motor was cutting aalope2001 Dec 9 2018 in forum Outboards Replies I bought an 39 89 Bayou 220 a few weeks ago and it has a weird problem i need help figuring out. i prime the bulb motor recranks on 1st turn runs well for several mins at full throttle then dies loses power. Then when to leave and motor would not get over 2300 rp 2008 Mercury OptiMax 250 Pro XS Issue Bass Cat Boats Mercury has always been on the forefront of corrosion protection. Now that I m on to other things I thought I d share some of that knowledge before it all escapes my brain. Constant plug fouling. Mercury 75hp 90hp Powerhead Elpto Rebuilt Outboard Boat Motor 1994 2010 Mercury See Price. The less throttle I give it the longer it runs but it seems that it cannot run on its on Aug 25 2009 Hi guys hope you can help. Yesterday I drove 30 minutes and it shuts down twice. Mercury optimax 115 problems You see them side by side and it s tough to say that the new Mercury 115 has a bigger displacement than the old being lighter and smaller at the same time. Will run at higher RPMs Then take out the 2 other bolts and open the pump. I 39 ve got a new 150 Optimax. 16 Nov 2009 My 2008 Mercury Optimax 90 won 39 t go above 3000 rpms and stalls it just runs a little rough has little power and won 39 t go over 3000 rpm in nbsp 13 Aug 2010 and repair. If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer written notice must be given to Mercury. I have exactly same problem with my Optimax 90. start it up put in gear and it kills Try it again giving it a little more gas an result with a strong smell of gas. I 39 m at my witts end with this machine. I should have power with ignition on or do i need to start boat Sorry stupid question . I have a 2004 50hp mercury outboard. Engine has 220 hours. Mar 18 2009 I have a 1996 mercury 150 efi and I recently ran it for the first time after winterization and it was running fine I backed off the throttle when passing someone in a narrow area and when I went to throttle back up it ran then died. At demo it did not pump water . It begins to sputter until I either ease off the throttle or it shits off. I can get 56 mph at 6150 rpms. 9. Mercury mariner 25 hp won 39 t start again how to adjust idle speed on a 1993 25 hp eventide 1994 yamaha 41 outboard carburetor settings 1979 7. He took the distributor cap off and showed me the corrosion on the contacts amp rotor. Posts 1 251. Boat in the shop for at least 7 weeks of the season so far and a new FSM float switch on order to be installed. any more throttle and engine noses over and stalls. engine starts fine 1994 Mercury O B 150 hp EFI Optimax. yahama outboard engine surges while running. Shift back to neutral to make sure the engine is fully engaged. Tested battery and other terminals and there was power. Mercury evaluates the service performance of its dealers and assigns its highest rating of quot Mercury Premier quot to those demonstrating an exceptional commitment to service. Even though the song was so complicated she nailed every single bar of it The Mercury 50 hp outboard motor is a 4 cylinder motor with an inline configuration. But still the problem is not solved. Clamp Bracket The Mercury OptiMax system utilizes a burst of compressed This model is then coated and sent to Used only on Die Cast components on large outboard Drive. If rubber components in a fuel system are suspected to be of this vintage or older it may be advisable to replace them with newer ethanol safe components before using fuels containing ethanol. mercury optimax starts then dies


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